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Pennsylvania has it all – hot summers, cold winters, rain, ice, and snow. The seasons roll through in full force each year, bringing with them their respective challenges. This, unfortunately, also includes weather conditions that wreak havoc on your asphalt. But here at Pennsy Paving, we are well prepared. We know how to keep your asphalt protected year-round to prolong its life and keep it looking great for years and years to come. 




Proactive Planning for Your Asphalt Needs


From the moment your asphalt is laid, it begins to age. With a lifespan from 12-20 years on average, it’s vital to perform regular maintenance and practice preventative care to protect it.



Our goal is to keep your asphalt in the best condition for as long as possible. A pavement management plan is a long-term approach designed to optimize the services we offer and prolong the life of your asphalt surfaces. Following a plan that fits your schedule and budget can significantly extend the life of your pavement. 




From routine maintenance procedures up to complete pavement reconstruction, we use the services your asphalt needs at each stage of its life. 




The Right Maintenance for Your Asphalt


We make sure that your pavement is not only structurally sound but also well-presented. At Pennsy Paving, we are dedicated to implementing the correct service for your asphalt needs, whether that means a routine check-up or more intensive maintenance. Let’s take a look at some of the services we offer to care for your pavement.



Seal coating


When it comes to preventative maintenance procedures, seal coating is one of the most essential ways you can keep your asphalt in top condition. As the hot summer sun in southeastern PA causes your pavement to fade into a dull gray color, a seal coat returns the rich black and has your asphalt looking brand new.



Acting as a barrier to liquids, seal coating protects asphalt from oil, gas, and chemicals, and prevents water from seeping into tiny cracks. This water can freeze during the cold weather Pennsylvania gets over the winter, expanding and causing cracks which compromise structural integrity. 




Crack Sealing


Cracks in asphalt are inevitable; over time, with harsh weather and regular use, cracks appear and put your pavement at risk of further damage. Effective crack sealing is your first line of defense against more invasive damage, preventing water from entering and weakening the structure, and preserving the surrounding pavement. Paying close attention to the formation of cracks and acting on their appearance can double the life of your asphalt.



Keeping Pennsylvania Pavements Beautiful


When you keep your asphalt looking good, it reflects well on you, because your parking lot is the first thing your customers see when they arrive at your place of business. Making a good first impression is key, and having an attractive lot means you know how to take care of your business, plus it boosts the appeal of the area, too!



After seal coating, consider taking advantage of Pennsy Paving’s parking lot striping service. Not only do bright, clean lot lines keep your asphalt parking lots looking their best, but our lot striping also helps to maximize space and improve traffic flow for a more efficient lot. We’ll also ensure that your parking lot is compliant with up-to-date ADA guidelines. 




Let us help you take care of your asphalt in southeastern Pennsylvania. Contact us today to find out more! 



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